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The company is one of the best gold buyers in Sydney. Sell Gold Sydney Australia offers the highest paying rates, uses the latest technology, and encourages the fastest payments, ensuring you quick cash for your gold, diamond, and silver jewellery. The best thing about the company is being transparent and upfront with the clients. Their team will provide you with the best possible market price for your jewellery. No middleman is involved in the transaction. You receive more than any gold buying company, pawnshop, local jeweller, or online gold buyer. Before closing the deal with Sell Gold Sydney Australia, you can take your gold to your nearest jeweller, pawnshop, or any other gold buyer and compare the price per gram to the price offered by them.

Identification and Documents Required When Selling Gold

According to the law, your age should be 16 and more to sell and buy gold. Documents required for selling gold in Sydney include your valid driver’s licence which has your current address, key card, or passport along with an address proof like a bank statement, copy of a utility bill, or a government letter.

Process of Item Verification and value

Sell Gold Sydney Australia uses the best technology available and tests your items for their gold content. Their gold experts weigh each item individually and calculate the value of each item using New York’s Gold Spot Price. This is how it is calculated: Gold content + Weight + Gold market price = Value of your item(s)

Payment for Gold

Sell Gold Sydney Australia usually pays in cash for your gold; however, the company offers three ways of payment, including cash paid right at the moment, bank deposit to your account, and a cash cheque or a non-negotiable cheque.

Customer Satisfaction

Sell Gold Sydney Australia is ready to beat any quoted price for your gold jewellery. The company aims to achieve its customers’ happiness and satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied, they are happy to reverse the transaction.

What can you sell at Sell Gold Sydney Australia?

Sell Gold Sydney Australia is one of the most trusted gold buyers in Sydney. You can sell and buy gold in Sydney at Sell Gold Sydney Australia, including gold jewellery, gold bullions, gold coins, gold nuggets, silver, and diamonds.

How to identify gold, platinum or silver jewellery?

Check your jewellery, and you’ll find a stamped mark. This mark will help you determine the type of material and quality of your jewellery. Here the most common stamp marks:
  • 9 Carat gold (37.5% pure) – Typically has “375” stamped or 9ct, 9K, 9kt
  • 14 Carat gold (58.5% pure) – Frequently has “585” stamped or 14ct, 14k, 14kt
  • 18 Carat gold (75% pure) – Consists of “750” stamped or 18ct, 18k, 18kt
  • 22 Carat gold (91.6% pure) – Has 22ct, 22k, 22kt or “916” stamped
  • 24 Carat gold (99.9% pure) – This composition has “999” stamped or 24ct, 24k, 24k
  • Platinum – This metal typically consists of 950PT or Plat
  • Sterling Silver – Usually has 925, and 800 (for other silvers)

Diamond and GemStones

Sell Gold Sydney Australia pays a wholesale price for your real diamonds. Please check your diamonds before sending them to the gold buyers. If your diamonds are in bad shape or are very small, the buyers may not accept them as there’s a risk of breakage during their extraction from the jewellery holds. Sell Gold Sydney Australia doesn’t pay for any gemstones. You can remove any stones except diamonds before sending your items.

Retail Value for Your Jewellery

Retail value stores quote jewellery prices between 3 to 10 times their gold value, whereas Sell Gold Sydney Australia pays only for the gold present in your jewellery.


Valuation is a process where a valuer will appraise your jewellery for insurance purposes. This is done for the retail replacement value. The company believes that valuations should not be used to identify its gold value but its retail value.

The Most Trusted Sydney Gold Buyers

Sell Gold Sydney Australia in a nutshell:
  • Highest Price Guaranteed – Sell your gold without thinking much because the company offers you the best rates for your jewellery.
  • Quick Transactions – Sell Gold Sydney Australia buys gold and silver, diamond jewellery and offers the best quotes to you and your family.
  • Scrap Gold   – Sydney gold buyers deal in scrap gold and offer the highest price.

Sell Gold Sydney Australia offers the highest gold price to their clients. Sell your gold, silver, and diamond jewellery, silver and gold bullions, old gold, unwanted gold, or anything gold and get the highest price in Sydney. Get your free quote today.